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How to Develop Mental Sharpness and Agility in Your Brain

With professional advice on “How to Train Your Brain,” you can unleash the full power of your mind. Learn tried-and-true methods for improving mental agility, memory, and cognitive function.

Discover how to fully utilize your intellect with professional advice on “How to Train Your Brain.”

Learn tested techniques to improve memory, mental acuity, and cognitive function.

Following so many years of mental toughness,

Wish I could claim to have known,

How to be a thinker

Every optimistic thought comes true.

However, to be honest,

I still don’t know how.

The majority of us have our own catchphrases, those favorite phrases that have lasted with us over time. These are the words that you have decided should serve as your beacon at some point.

Maybe it’s the Serenity Prayer: Give me the courage to change the things I can, the insight to realize the difference, and the serenity to accept the things I cannot. Or perhaps it’s the straightforward advice from your best blue fish: Just keep swimming. Or, to paraphrase the green Jedi master of the Force, “Do or do not—there is no try.”

Whatever term you want to use, the words you choose express who you want to be.

Our minds are incredibly strong. They affect our thoughts, emotions, decisions, deeds, and inactions. If only our minds could act as a positive dam, filling it with knowledge, hope, faith, and confidence.

How often, though, do you find yourself giving in to the dark side despite our best mantras? The you-suck-tea-cups that self-destruct.

Think about everything that affects your thoughts, including your partner, friends, parents, coworkers, the media, music, television, podcasts, reviews, blogs, magazines, books, and more. All of these things form your ideas without you ever realizing it.

Good intentions plow the path to hell. How many of your thoughts are filled with doubt, anxiety, and concern for every one that is positive? It’s far more than I would like, in my opinion. Here are the five phrases that inspired it, along with my attempt to alter it.

How to teach your brain to generate positive thoughts:

1 Construct a wall. Continue hammering

  1. Make a wall of inspirational quotes and hang it somewhere you will often be. (Mine’s behind the door to my closet.) Without the reflection, it’s affirmations. These are a selection of proverbs that, for various reasons, have made an impression on people.
  2. As they say, the greatest way to kick a bad habit is to start a new, positive one in its stead. As soon as you start thinking in terms of fear, switch them out for positive ones.

2 Take a moment to meditate. This is the day.

Have I lost you? Permit me to change the frame. Instead of picturing a monk with his hands facing upwards before dawn, think of something that makes you feel present and at ease. It can be any habit that shifts your focus from the things you have on your “to-do” list to the things you should avoid doing right now.

My preferred method of meditating is taking a stroll. Others may find solace in yoga, pickleball, reading a book, or napping. I know the professionals might argue, saying that the goal of meditation is calm of body and mind, but namaste, if downward-facing dog helps you sort through the mental clutter, then that’s what I think.

Goals, mindset, and motivation form the powerful triad that drives success in business and entrepreneurship

3. Put it in writing. To alter oneself, you must first see yourself.

You don’t have the time, I understand. You’re not into writing, I understand. It is not need to be. You don’t have to set aside a certain amount of time, purchase a special notebook, or start your entries with “Dear Diary.” Furthermore, no one is even doubting your spelling, which goes against the advice of your primary instructor.

But you have to see them first if you really want to change the way you think. Any type of reflection writing, such as rating scales, anecdotes, sketches, notebooks, or bulleted lists, can help you purge clutter and save priceless moments.

4. Increase consciousness. Clarity later on becomes really important.

Increase consciousness. Clarity later on becomes really important.
Go over your ideas. Make a mental t-chart showing the things that work and don’t work for you. Try to distinguish between concepts that originated from you and those that were seeded from somewhere else. Play a small game of “this is mine, that’s yours.” Next, assess their veracity by storing the keepers and discarding the remainder.

5. Pick your companions carefully. I’ll show you who you are if you show me your pals.

Pick your companions carefully. I’ll show you who you are if you show me your pals.
Some people have the power to highlight distinct aspects of you. Your childlike side is exposed by your oldest pal. It’s your humorous friend who makes you feel ridiculous. Your sympathetic side comes out to befriend you. Everything well. It’s infectious to think!

Regretfully, this also applies to the opposing viewpoints, such as the naysayers, critics, and gossipers. Spending more time with someone increases the probability of them influencing you positively. Be in the company of individuals you aspire to be like; those who push you to think more critically and, as a result, to become a better person.

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