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5 Rules for Mastering Timeless Style

How to Get Timeless Style?

Wouldn’t you like to look back in 20 years and love the clothes you wore?
Timeless style that looks like you didn’t even try.
Some women look elegant, sophisticated, and chic even though they just exude this.
The clothes they wear will look just as good a year from now as they do now.
That’s the power of mastering timeless style.
Parisian women in particular are known for their fluency in timeless style, and mastering it yourself is never an impossible goal. These women do not have an innate fashion instinct that makes them superior. Rather, they have a set of basic fashion rules that they follow to achieve an effortless and sophisticated look.

What is timeless style?

How to Build a Wardrobe from Scratch Timeless Style is the basic word for classic silhouettes that are versatile and durable Learned by creating robes. The emphasis is on distinctive items rather than trends, and usually includes clean makeup/hairstyles with limited accessories.
Focus on building a wardrobe that fits your body shape, uses neutral colors, and has classic silhouettes. Timeless style is a sophisticated, classic fashion style that never goes out of style or looks outdated. It consists of elevated basics, sophisticated centerpieces, and simple outfits that aren’t assigned to any particular fashion trend or fashion decade.

1. Invest in great basics 

Timeless style is about having a flexible wardrobe that meets your style goals, and owning good basics is essential to that. You need a foundation for fashion items that are easy to put together and won’t look shabby or outdated even after a year. Wardrobe flexibility is key to mastering this sophisticated style. You need these great basics to add casual chic to any outfit.
Wardrobe must-haves for timeless style: Wool Coats – We love camel wool coats for winter Crew neck cashmere sweaters in neutral colors Classic white button-ups – both fitted and oversized shirts I have in my wardrobe Wide Leg Pants

They flatter most body types and never go out of style.

For summer, I prefer medium-weight fabrics such as light wool, tweed, gabardine, and linen.
Jeans – Neutral wash with no rips or signs of wear. I love the Lee Women’s Sculpting Slim Fit Slim Leg Pull On Jean or Lee Women’s Wrinkle Free Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Pant charcoal slim fit (not skinny) These are my favorite pants from a sustainable brand. Have look at Amazon if you like.
Turtleneck Sweater – Even Audrey Hepburn was in on it! Turtlenecks are a simple and sophisticated layering piece. Great T-shirts A great-looking T-shirt that isn’t see-through is essential for timeless style. I prefer boxer cuts like this.MEROKEETY Women’s Casual Cap Sleeve T Shirts Basic Summer Tops
Simple Hoop Earrings in GoldHoop earrings never go out of style and are a great and flexible piece of jewelry.

Please choose the appropriate size.
I don’t want big hoops or hugs. These are my favorites. Of course, there are other wardrobe staples needed for timeless style, but some of these items will change depending on your lifestyle needs. For example, as a mother, you might choose loafers (like this one on Amazon ( 1.) ( 2.) ( 3.) or classic white sneakers,(if you like a brand you can choose the famous Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker or just no names like hash bubbie Women’s Canvas Shoes ) instead of pointy heels as your favorite shoes. If you’re struggling to find your style and your closet is full of items that don’t fit, you might want to check out Craft Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body Playbook.
This is the ultimate step-by-step guide to finding your style inspiration, optimizing and curating your closet to support it (without buying a whole new one), and actually implementing that style into your real life.

2. Avoid Fast Fashion

With dedication, perseverance, and a strong dreams

I understand the purpose of fast fashion.
However, to achieve a timeless style, you will need to invest a little more in your wardrobe and clothes. Fast fashion products generally have low durability and often have poor fit.
That’s fine if it’s a trend that’s going to be obsolete in three months, but our goal is to fill our closets with pieces that are perfect for us and will last a long time.
You don’t have to have it custom made, but you should spend a little more money and invest in your pieces so they last and fit you perfectly. In the long run, this is the best strategy for achieving a timeless and sustainable style.

3. Pay attention to fit 

The easiest way to update an outfit is by changing the fit or silhouette.
If the silhouette is sloppy or the size doesn’t match, the outfit will fail.
And it will never be something you should wear again.
Clothes must be proportionate. Oversized and fitted pieces are becoming more popular, but you still want a great, balanced outfit. You can see in the outfit below that I employ two different fit categories to make the outfit feel “proper. ” The sweater is snug and tucked perfectly into the pants, while the pants are wide and loosely cut. Monochrome can also help enhance your style and create more timeless outfits.

You want to avoid having too many oversized items or too many backward-fitting items as this will result in all your outfits being assigned to a specific year.

4.  Limit focus on trends

Most trends have roots in fashion history, but they also change and evolve each time they are reintroduced.So if you want a timeless wardrobe, it’s best to limit your search to trends.
If you try too many trends and don’t feel comfortable with your style, your wardrobe will be full of mismatched items and become less versatile over time. However, an easier way to incorporate a trend into a timeless style is with a moderately version of the trend, ideally in neutral colors.For example, if you like the box blazer trend but are concerned about its durability, choose a tan or black box blazer instead of a printed or neon version. Pair it with elevated basics for a more timeless look.

Below you’ll see how to style a boxy blazer for both a timeless fashion look and a trendy style.

Plus, choosing a neutral color version of a trend is an easy way to make a trend go out of style with the passage of time or after the fact.
For example, knit tops are very popular right now, but a plain white outfit will look sophisticated and won’t look outdated even after a few years.

5 Start with your outfit Rolodex

Having a few nice clothes in your back pocket can help you avoid fashion frustration and fatigue.
This requires him to be a two-part system. It’s a good idea to have a Pinterest or mood board of her outfits that you like and are inspired by. Especially if it’s an outfit you like and already have the right item in your wardrobe. The second part is to take a photo of your favorite outfit that you’re wearing. Having these images saved on your phone is a great reference point.
If you want a great outfit, check out this album. This exercise will also help develop and improve your fit.

We all want a timeless style that will last for years to come. Our sense of style will continue to serve us well in family photos, work settings and even on vacation.

Timeless style makes you look powerful and confident, and can make your relationship with your wardrobe easier.

If you struggle with finding a closet that supports your fashion goals, check out Craft The Closet of Your Dreams Playbook, here.

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