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3 Style Rules Followed by Women with Timeless Fashion Style

Have you ever noticed that some women with timeless style have a certain way of always dressing chic and neat? It looks like it can be done.
It may be natural to be envious of these women, but it’s not that they have any secret skills that you don’t, but rather a set of styles that they adhere to on a daily basis.
There are rules. Achieving the personal image you desire is not difficult if you have a plan.
Women with timeless style understand that following a set of rules eliminates the need to guess what to wear every day.
As with everything in life, you can be better prepared for any situation if you have a strategy and know what you need. One of the first exercises we engage in during a style consultation with a new client is to identify key adjectives that describe the look the client wants to achieve.
It’s no surprise that the two most popular expressions you hear from most women are “timeless” and “classic”.


Women with timeless style know that by spending a little more on wardrobe essentials, you can always get quality pieces that will stand the test of time.
Basics are items of clothing that belong in every woman’s wardrobe and can be carried anywhere.
We recommend investing in neutral denim and slacks options, versatile coats, classic white button-downs, bodycon dresses, structured blazers, classic leather handbags, and basic shoes.
These items can be worn over and over again, so they’re worth the investment.

Even if you don’t work with a personal stylist, deciding how you want your image to look is the first step in developing your own sense of style.
Without direction, it’s very difficult to know where you want to go.
If you want to know how to achieve timeless style, here are six rules to help you.
And as always, we love images as a source of inspiration.
So here you’ll find plenty of photo references to get you started.

Don’t focus on fashion trends

Fads and trends are things that grab attention overnight but have little staying power.
An important rule of style is to concentrate on these parts, not to waste time and not to spend money on things that will not be relevant for a long time.
If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s a good idea to buy something, but try to keep your purchases to a minimum and focus on the classics.

Women with timeless style know they need to constantly update their wardrobes when it comes to trends. As personal stylists, we emphasize the importance of capsule her wardrobe when working with a client. It’s always better to have fewer, more basic items than to have a lot of trend-driven items that quickly go out of style. If you want to add these pieces, we recommend adding them at a lower price and investing more money in the basic pieces.


Understanding your body type is the key to achieving a timeless style.
Knowing which styles and cuts suit your body can save you a lot of time in fitting rooms and closets full of unworn clothes. Women who dress casually know exactly what makes their bodies look good and what to avoid, and they always flaunt their best assets.
If you’re not sure about your body type, check out the most common categories that women’s body types fall into to find out which category you fit into. By paying attention to her body type, you can keep her looking and feeling her best. Not knowing how to dress for your body type can often be discouraging. The most important thing in establishing your style is choosing clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Nothing feels better than wearing well-fitting clothes.

If you’re not sure how to achieve your timeless style, your best bet is to try recreating an outfit you see in a photo.
Experimentation is one of the best ways to find what fits your personal style, what feels comfortable and authentic, and what you want to incorporate into your daily wardrobe.
If you need help creating a strategy for your image and are looking for a personal stylist, our team is for you.
From creating a personalized message to revamping your current wardrobe to purchasing new pieces, our concierge styling process takes the guesswork out of how to look effortlessly stylish.
Want to know if we fit your goals?
A style consultation is free and a great opportunity to discuss your image with a personal stylist.

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